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Team up with other parents to get sports action highlights of your son or daughter on a CD! For as low as $25, leave the camera at home, enjoy the game, and get professional quality pictures instead of snapshots!

How it works:
Parents combine funds to pay the game fee for the photographer, who will then take action photos of up to 6 players per game, in addition to sideline shots of the coach, team staff, and bench. Purchasers will then receive a CD in the mail in about 10 days that include multiple images of their own player in action. A copyright release is provided with each disk so parents or players can have copies made at their local photo shop without difficulty. Sharing these photos online –especially on Facebook – is encouraged! (Tag Sawyer Photography on your Facebook photos by us and we’ll send you a coupon for a discount on future orders or games!)

The game fee for the photographer is $150. Up to six players’ families can divide this fee (i.e. $25 each if there are six participating players, $50 each if there are three participating players, etc.). Games are pre-paid and payment should also include information about the players’ names and uniform numbers. Prints or other photo products (such as posters, photo acrylic statuettes, giant stick-on wall photos, etc.) can also be purchased online.

Schedule your game now as space is limited!